Front page news in the East Anglian Daily Times

It seems our journey with Henry is becoming more interesting to the mainstream media. The day after our piece going out on BBC Look East news last Wednesday (13th September 2017), the East Anglian Daily Times made it clear they wanted to run our story for their weekend edition paper.

Zoe (mum) bravely tidied the house last minute along with getting herself and Henry ready for the photo shoot that had been sprung upon us.

It’s fair to say that it’s refreshing to have a news story printed that’s not got an agenda so hats off to the writer and editor at the East Anglian Daily Times.

Unfortunately we haven’t quite had the level of donations we would’ve wished for considering both the BBC piece and this news story were delivered to the entire region. But we’re still making steady progress thanks to all of our fantastic and generous donations. We’re now very close to £12,000 via our page along with offline donations. Amazing!

If you haven’t made a donation yet, please please do so. Even a very small offering will go a long way. The link is on the right. Please also sign up using the email address form on the right, that way you can let us know you’re supporting us.

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