Local business Rallysport Automotive & Que Automotive make us their Charity of the year!


We are so chuffed to announce that the lovely lot at Rallysport Automotive have chosen us as their Charity of the Year. They will be helping to raise Henry’s profile amongst the local community and also raising money for us too. We can’t say how grateful and excited we are, we are all such huge car fans in this family so this couldn’t be more perfect! Special thank you to Charlotte and Sam who have done so much work behind the scenes already to make this happen and to Que Automotive for their generosity in helping out too. Hurrah! X

Below is the press release issued today by Rallysport Automotive –

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Rallysport Automotive’s Charity of the year!

“Henry’s Little Heroes”

Henry, 2, is a local boy, whom from the outside looks like any other child his age, but he is the only person in the world with his combination of genetic disorder’s. Henry suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anaemia and is at high risk of developing blood cancer. Henry has to have monthly blood transfusions to keep him alive.

Henry’s best chance of guaranteeing a future will be through a stem cell transplant. Doctors will only carry out this procedure if the stem cells come from a sibling with matching cells to Henry.

Rallysport Automotive’s main aim is to not only raise funds for Henry, but also raise awareness of “Henry’s Little Heroes”

We will be creating various fundraising events through the year and asking for fundraising help from our contacts.

Our friends at Que Automotive have guaranteed to contribute a small amount from the sale of each car during the month of May, (once they settle into their fantastic new site). A massive thank you from all of us at Rallysport for the donation.

For more information or for updates keep an eye on Henry’s Little Heroes -Facebook page for more information about Henry.

We would like to thank all the charities that applied, as each had a very very worth while cause.

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