Devastating news

Well, despite trying to put a brave face on yesterday for Craig’s Birthday, we’ve had a really crappy few days. More complications which are delaying the IVF, but that’s the least of our problems. We got the results of Henry’s liver MRI scan which he had last Friday and they’re heartbreaking. Five nights a week for the past four months, he’s had to have a needle inserted in his leg every night to be hooked up to his medication pump in the hope it would clear some of his iron. Sadly, this hasn’t happened and the amount of iron in his liver has increased, putting more pressure on all of his organs. This includes his heart…at the hopsital yesterday they discovered his heart murmur is back again. We have to go for a re-scan of his liver in three months and if there’s no change or it continues get worse, he will have to have a port fitted under the skin in his chest so he can be attached to the pump 24 hours a day. He’s so happy and often looks so well, it’s so easy to forget how sick he is. Absolutely devastated  xx

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