For the love of Dinosaurs

Henry’s heavily into dinosaurs at the moment and loves to do a veloceraptor impression, complete with roaring! He’s still under the weather, he was sick this morning and then slept for three hours but perked up this afternoon. Fingers crossed it won’t cause him too much trouble. We’ve got some very exciting news coming later this week so keep an eye out x

The drugs DO work

Transfusion number 32 done! Henry kept himself busy with some of his ‘beads of courage’, he gets one every time he has a procedure and he loves playing with them. He’s got so many already, I’m not sure how we’ll lift them soon! But it’s a lovely way of marking his bravery and a little keepsake for the future. We had some really encouraging news too, his latest blood test showed that his ferritin (iron) levels have gone from 3600 to 2600 since starting the daily pump! We’ve got some way to go as we’re aiming for the low hundreds, but it makes it much easier putting him through the needles each night knowing it’s helping him Β x

Happy New Year! Thanks to your donations we have our 1st appointment but we’re not done yet

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! It’s been a positive end to this year with our first IVF appointment booked in for the start of February. I got this cushion for Christmas and it made me think about how you’ve all contributed to our ‘golden ticket’ and enabled us to get the IVF underway, thank you so much, this is only possible because of all of you. However, there’s only a 10% success rate per cycle so the odds are stacked and we will likely need more help. If you’re making any resolutions this year, please consider raising some money for us. Charity runs, bike rides, coffee mornings, anything you can think of! We have a charity number now, courtesy of the Bradley Lowery Foundation, so businesses can get involved too.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018 xxx

A lovely surprise at Christmas

Whilst on dog walking duties with Daddy today, I was successfully captured by the police helicopter! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸš”πŸš

The kind police man pilot allowed me to sit in the cockpit, until I started flipping switches πŸ˜‚ (no joke 😯).

The vital duties of a police helicopter crew can be interrupted from time to time when the call of nature comes around. Yes that was the actual reason for landing on the rugby club pitch!

Fussy eating

Lots of phone calls today trying to catch up from last week. We had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist recently as Henry has ongoing issues with his tummy and eating. He seemed to think he might have a sensory processing issue with food which is why he struggles with eating certain textures and it makes him sick (apparently he can’t live off fruit puree and crisps forever 😳). So, another visit with the Speech and Language therapist arranged and then the Dietician again to see how we can help him πŸ‘Œ x

Henry kindly shares his virus!

Sorry for the silence! Henry has been kind enough to share his bout of Norovirus with all of us and I can’t tell you how grim it is in the Alderson household at the moment. An inevitable side effect of far too many hospital appointments but less than ideal! Doing wonders for my diet though πŸ˜‚ and Henry seems to be over the worst of it which is reassuring. None of us are in a fit state for s pboto so we though we might share a picture of the only one of us currently unaffected…πŸΆπŸ•