Sick, literally

Not many weekend updates because we’ve been drowning in toddler puke 🤢😂. Poor boy has still got a cold and has been projectile vomming everything he’s eaten since Saturday night. We were supposed to have another hospital appointment with our Addenbrookes consultant yesterday but there’s no way we were going to make it. Because of his weak immune system we have to take him to the hospital any time he gets a temperature (yes, really 🤒) so we’re really hoping it doesn’t come to that 🤞 x

A quick hospital update

Tired and a bit grumpy before blood, loving life afterwards! Transfusion no.31 last week, our Addenbrookes consultant requested for Henry to get more blood than usual to try and stop his levels from dropping so low before his next one. Meant we were in for a little longer than usual but all good and if it works it’ll be well worth it. If not we might have to go back to having blood every three weeks instead of four  (not ideal but we’ll see how we go) x

We are grateful to our blood donors but…

Whilst we love the fact that donated blood keeps Henry alive, We really don’t love all the extra iron it puts into his body! This is our fourth week on the new pumps (which are amazing compared to the old one btw) but Henry still absolutely hates the needle going in. Who can blame the poor boy! It makes me feel terrible putting it in every night but it’s the only thing that’ll protect his organs from the damage of the iron overload. So hard to watch him struggle though 😔 xx

We have a very exciting announcement…

We have a very exciting announcement…we’ve been speaking to a lovely lady called Rebecca who works for the company installing the offshore Galloper Wind Farm off the coast of Clacton on sea. She has managed to organise a donation of a £150 Milsom voucher for us to give away at our next fundraising event!!!! This is such a generous gesture and it will make a brilliant prize for someone, thank you Rebecca and all involved with Galloper 😁🎉. Our good friend Annie Fantango Farthing has kindly offered to host another event for us in February so stay tuned x