#AHeroForChloe – DBA patient desperate struggle to find a donor

With only just over 100 cases of Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) in the UK, we all know each other. We have a Facebook group and meet up every year for an annual conference and get together. It’s a tight knit family!

Which brings us to our desperate friend. Unfortunately little Chloe aged 7 has now started to produce anti-bodies, her body rejecting donated blood, making her life saving transfusions each month increasingly difficult. A very serious situation for someone with DBA and bone marrow failure.* Chloe relies on blood donation to stay alive.

*Henry is also blood transfusion dependent

Now a big drive has begun to find #AHeroForChloe, in other words a stem cell donor match. Once correctly matched stem cell’s are successfully transplanted, Chloe’s ability to produce her own blood negates the requirement for troublesome blood transfusions. This is same procedure and outcome we need to make happen for Henry hence our fundraising drive.


Please share this story and register for free with DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer).

Donating stem cell is painless and undersubscribed. Only a few percent of those on the register are actually asked to make a donation but those that do, a life is saved. The donation process is easy too…

As well as helping our Henry out, the amazing Bradley Lowery Foundation are also helping spread Chloe’s story (click to read Sunderland Echo)




Celebrities are getting involved too, including Lorraine Kelly and Sir Tim Rice.

Let’s hope and pray for Chloe that between us all we do find her a hero.

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